Specialty Lighting Solutions for Fresh Produce Displays

Very often, shoppers chose their supermarket based on the quality of its fresh fruits and vegetables, so vibrant and fresh colors must be the focus of produce merchandising.

The color of regular lighting is skewed to enhance greens and yellows (to maximize lumens per watt). But other important colors, such reds and whites, appear faded – they are not as bright as they should be.

Fruit display lightingExtended shelf life for fruits

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Vibrant Colors, Increased Appeal

Illuminating Nature’s Palette

Promolux balanced spectrum lamps enhance the visual impact of your produce displays. From the rich reds of tomatoes to the lush greens of lettuce, our lighting accentuates the diversity and selection of your fruits and vegetables. It’s not just about illuminating produce; it’s about creating an immersive experience for shoppers.

Inventory Turnover Success

A Symphony of Colors for Swift Turnover

The most successful produce displays prioritize color impact, recognizing that shoppers are drawn to supermarkets that showcase quality and freshness. Promolux lighting ensures that your produce stands out with its true colors, becoming a focal point for customers seeking the best in visual appeal and quality.

Preserving Freshness, Minimizing Spoilage

Light That Protects, Preserves, and Prolongs

Many vegetables, having grown underground or in the dark, are exposed to light for the first time on supermarket shelves. Traditional lighting can accelerate chemical processes, altering the appearance, texture, and flavor of vegetables, leading to shrinkage and inventory loss. Promolux’s low UV lighting with a balanced visible spectrum minimizes these effects, preserving the freshness of your produce.

True Color Representation

Promolux LEDs bring out the vibrant, natural colors of your produce, creating an enticing and appealing display.

Enhanced Shelf Life

Our lighting solutions contribute to the longevity of your produce, reducing spoilage and minimizing inventory losses.

Customer Attraction

Elevate your supermarket’s reputation by providing a visually stunning produce section that attracts and retains customers.

Quality Merchandising

With Promolux, you’re not just lighting produce; you’re showcasing the artistry of nature, making each item a tempting work of art.

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Enhancing Your Produce Displays with Promolux LEDs

In the world of fresh produce, the axiom holds true: eye appeal is buy appeal. This is especially crucial for organic selections, where the absence of preservatives and sprays in the harvesting process enhances their natural allure.

Successful produce displays, measured by inventory turnover, are those strategically merchandised to create a vibrant impact of colors, highlighting the diversity and selection within the department.

Fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments benefit immensely when bathed in lighting that accurately reveals their true colors without causing damage or premature spoilage. This is where Promolux LEDs shine, providing an ideal lighting solution for supermarket produce departments where both freshness and product integrity matter.

A fresh produce selection not only tantalizes taste buds but also cultivates loyal shoppers. Promolux LEDs play a pivotal role in bringing vivid color to produce departments and displays.

Unlike most lighting that tends to favor green and yellow hues, leaving reds and whites faded and lackluster, Promolux is designed to enhance the entire color spectrum. In many supermarket applications, lighting is inadvertently installed at the sacrifice of color, leading to dull strawberries, wilted lettuce, soft bananas, and discolored cauliflower.

Store lighting designers and department personnel who choose Promolux balanced spectrum lamps for their produce displays experience the true vibrancy of colors and an extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables. The high color definition of Promolux lamps ensures that natural colors remain true.

By incorporating a balanced visible spectrum, with increased red and blue wavelengths and moderated levels of the most damaging yellow and green wavelengths, Promolux outperforms other lighting solutions in both color rendering and shelf life extension.

Combatting Shrinkage in Retail Fruit and Vegetable Displays

Keeping Produce Vibrant and Appealing

The menace of shrinkage looms over retail fruit and vegetable displays, particularly impacting leafy green vegetables that decay and wilt prematurely under the unforgiving heat of regular supermarket produce display case lighting. This phenomenon not only affects the visual allure but also erodes the freshness and appeal of supermarket salad bars and buffets.

In the grocery store landscape, the battle against produce shrinkage is evident, with dehydration leading to staggering losses. Reports indicate that shrinkage can reach up to $1 per foot per day, even in cases where produce displays are diligently misted on a regular basis.

The culprits, including dryness, heat, and radiation from display case lighting, inflict their toll on fresh herbs, cut fruits, and fruit salads. Dehydration and wilting become particularly pronounced for leafy green vegetables and soft fruits and berries, which succumb quickly to these unfavorable conditions, rendering them unappealing and contributing to significant loss.

It’s a battle that demands a strategic solution, and that solution lies in the choice of lighting. By opting for Promolux LEDs, which emit lower levels of heat and radiation compared to traditional lighting options, retailers can significantly mitigate shrinkage. Promolux’s balanced spectrum lighting ensures that produce retains its moisture and visual appeal for longer periods, combating the factors that lead to dehydration and wilting.

In this battle against shrinkage, Promolux emerges as a reliable ally, preserving the vibrancy and freshness of retail fruit and vegetable displays, even in the face of challenging conditions.

Tackling Premature Ripening in Grocery Store Fruit Displays

Guarding Against Overripening and Ethylene Gas Decay

In the intricate dance of freshness within grocery store fruit displays, the threat of premature ripening lurks, especially under the influence of ethylene gas. While most lighting options can inadvertently accelerate the ripening process, Promolux emerges as a guardian, ensuring produce remains crisp and vibrant in color.

Fruits are often harvested before reaching full ripeness. Bananas, berries, and apricots, once firm and appealing, can transition to an undesirable state under regular lighting conditions. The ripening process releases ethylene gas, a trigger that initiates further ripening in neighboring fruits and vegetables, eventually leading to decay and rot. Stone fruits, including apricots, peaches, and cherries, are particularly vulnerable to this chain reaction.


Ethylene, the unseen culprit, has the power to spoil bulb vegetables like onions prematurely and turn soft fruits, such as raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and red currants, mushy and unsellable. The ideal storage conditions for fruits and vegetables involve a cool, dark environment, shielded from the adverse effects of lighting sources. However, when these products need to be displayed, the ripening process becomes a slow and controlled affair under the gentle glow of Promolux LEDs.

In the battle against premature ripening and ethylene-induced decay, Promolux stands as a stalwart protector, extending the freshness of grocery store fruit displays and ensuring their appeal endures.

Guarding Against Potato Greening: A Safety Net for Supermarket Produce Displays

Understanding Glycoalkaloid Enzymes and the Role of Light Exposure

In the intricate dance of preserving freshness in supermarket produce displays, a silent threat looms — the phenomenon of potato greening. Light, the essential catalyst for life, also triggers a potentially fatal toxin known as solanine in potatoes. This toxin, found in varying concentrations within the nightshade family, includes eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and, notably, potatoes.

The Heritage of Glycoalkaloid Enzymes: When Europeans were introduced to potatoes, they were met with suspicion due to their affiliation with the nightshade family, known for its poisonous members. Potatoes contain glycoalkaloid enzymes, particularly solanine, a potent toxin present within 3 mm of the potato’s surface, especially in its eyes or sprouts. This natural defense mechanism protects the plant from potential threats.

Solanine Levels in Grocery Store Potatoes: Solanine levels vary based on factors like potato variety, age, temperature, and crucially, light exposure. While modern potatoes are genetically controlled for lower initial solanine concentrations, exposure to light can cause a tenfold increase. Light-induced greening, influenced by factors like packaging and ambient temperature, is accelerated under grocery store lighting, with greening occurring most rapidly at room temperature.

Understanding Solanine Poisoning: Though rare, solanine poisoning can occur, with symptoms ranging from gastrointestinal upset to convulsions, depending on the level of exposure. The bitter taste often associated with green potatoes indicates the presence of solanine, but toxic potatoes may not taste bitter, and bitter ones may not be toxic.

Mitigating Risks with Promolux: Promolux emerges as the ideal lighting solution for supermarket produce departments, where the preservation of freshness is paramount. With lower heat emission compared to other commercial lighting, Promolux lighting ensures that your produce selection not only stays fresh but also maintains its visual allure. Promolux becomes an ally in the battle against potato greening, contributing to greater shopper appeal and customer satisfaction.

In essence, Promolux is not just lighting; it’s a commitment to safety, freshness, and the visual vibrancy of your produce displays.

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