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Promolux LED – Food Safe Technology

Promolux LED Technology

The mindset that, “an LED is an LED is an LED” is one of the most critical mistakes made in the retail industry; the LED that’s in the ceiling should NEVER be used to merchandise the product you’re trying to sell!

LEDs, by nature, do not emit UVA or UVB radiation so it is often mistakenly assumed that they will not discolor or degrade perishable food. However, in real situations in supermarkets and grocery stores, LEDs continue to negatively affect fresh food.

There are portions of visible spectrum (between 500nm-630nm) that, when in close proximity to food, cause photochemical reactions leading to discoloration and degradation. And high power LEDs and LEDs with poor thermal management cause surface heating causing food to dehydrate and dry out.

Promolux eliminates those portions of visible spectrum known to damage fresh food, in most instances increasing shelf life 1-3 days. Promolux LEDs are designed using low power chip technology and superior thermal management making them the safest, most cost effective and sustainable LED for food merchandising and displays.

Years of research, development, and testing – and our dedication to understanding the impact that lighting has on specific foods, have made Promolux pioneers in the display lighting field. Promolux has learned from retailers, lighting specialists and food science specialists – and has turned that knowledge into the best merchandising LED available on the market today!