Display Case Lighting and Food Safety2024-03-19T07:10:07+00:00

Display Case Lighting and Food Safety

Promolux founder, Mark Granfar, discusses the demand for creating lighting that protects and extends the shelf life of perishable food.

Promolux’s customized spectrum reduces the harmful effects of UV, IR, and visible spectrum radiation known to damage food.

“Our original intention was just to make things look fresh, not washed out and discolored. But as time went on, our customers pointed out that they had a problem with food being damaged by light and we found out it’s so true. The research industry knew that lighting damages food and nobody was really doing anything to correct that. So we were probably the first company to reduce the radiation of light, not just UV and infrared, but we discovered that part of the visible spectrum was also damaging food. So we customized the spectrum of our lighting to minimize this damage.”

Mark Granfar