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Slimline Bar LED

Works with 24V Constant Voltage LED Driver (sold separately)

Ideal for:
• Service & Multi-Deck
• Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Deli & Prepared Foods, Floral, Produce, Bakery, Salad Bars, Ice Cream/Gelato

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Size Model Number Watts Type Length (mm) (Nominal) Length (in) (Nominal) Lumens Lumens per Watt Color
1 ft SB-PL-10C 3.8 Canopy 254 10 320 84 Platinum
2 ft SB-PL-22C 10.6 Canopy 549 22 950 90 Platinum
3 ft SB-PL-34C 12 Canopy 849 34 1050 88 Platinum
4 ft SB-PL-46C 14 Canopy 1149 46 1240 89 Platinum
5 ft SB-PL-58C 22 Canopy 1449 58 1810 82 Platinum
3 ft SB-PL-34S 5.8 Shelf 849 34 530 91 Platinum
4 ft SB-PL-46S 6.8 Shelf 1149 46 660 97 Platinum
5 ft SB-PL-58S 11 Shelf 1449 58 940 85 Platinum


Specifications subject to change without notice. Contact us for more information.

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