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Slimline Bar LED

Ideal for:

Service & Multi-Deck
Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Deli & Prepared Foods, Floral, Produce, Bakery, Salad Bars, Ice Cream/Gelato

Slimline Bar
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Ordering Guide

SizeModel NumberWattsTypeLength (mm) (Nominal)Length (in) (Nominal)LumensLumens per WattColor
1 ftSB-PL-10C4Canopy2541031078Platinum
2 ftSB-PL-22C10Canopy5492286078Platinum
3 ftSB-PL-34C14Canopy84934130081Platinum
4 ftSB-PL-46C18Canopy114946180082Platinum
5 ftSB-PL-58C22Canopy144958220080Platinum
3 ftSB-PL-34S7Shelf84934108098Platinum
4 ftSB-PL-46S9Shelf114946132094Platinum
5 ftSB-PL-58S11Shelf14495899090Platinum

Enhance Fresh Food Appeal with Promolux Platinum Color Series LEDs

Optimize Lighting for Fresh Food Merchandising

Promolux Platinum Color Series LEDs are meticulously crafted for the specific purpose of enhancing fresh food displays. With a carefully balanced color spectrum enriched by deep reds and deep blues, these LEDs address the deficiencies often found in overhead ambient lighting commonly used in retail environments. By incorporating deep red and deep blue hues into the balanced color spectrum, Promolux compensates for the lack of these colors in general and ambient lighting, creating an eye-catching effect that makes the colors of fresh food products truly stand out.

From produce sections to deli counters, utilize the Platinum Color Series LEDs in any area where lighting plays a pivotal role in attracting customers and emphasizing the vibrant appeal of fresh food.

Promolux lighting produce

Ideal For:

Service Meat Cases
• Service Seafood Cases
• Produce Cases/Displays
• Service Deli Cases
• Prepared Foods Cases

• Bakery Cases
• Ice Cream & Gelato Cases
• Floral Cases/Displays

How can we help you?

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