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Preserving Beverage Quality with Specialized LED Lighting

Minimize Photodegradation and Maintain Taste

We recognize the paramount significance of safeguarding the quality of wines, beers, and champagnes against the adverse effects of photodegradation. This phenomenon, often linked to the impact of visible spectrum light, can have detrimental effects on the chemical composition and organic properties of alcoholic beverages.

Enhancing Light Spectrum for Beverage Preservation

Enhancing Light Spectrum for Beverage Preservation

Promolux has spearheaded in-depth research to engineer custom light spectrums designed specifically for the preservation of alcoholic beverages. By operating at currents of less than 50mA, significantly less than the industry standard of 1000mA, our food-specific LED lamps mitigate photodegradation while maintaining energy efficiency and optimal refrigeration temperatures.

Beverage Susceptibility and Light Exposure

Why Beer, Wine, and Champagne Are at Risk

Wines, beers, and champagnes are particularly vulnerable to light-induced reactions. The visible spectrum wavelengths above UV, including 375nm, 440nm, and up to 520nm, are known to catalyze chemical reactions that can compromise taste, aroma, and overall quality. White and rose wines are especially delicate, susceptible to rapid alteration in flavor and aroma, akin to “skunky” odors often described as leek, onion, cooked cabbage, or wet wool.

Addressing Vulnerability Through Tinted Glass

Challenges of Tinted Glass Bottles

While manufacturers employ tinted glass bottles to mitigate light damage, these defenses are not entirely foolproof. Over time, light can penetrate these bottles, impacting the integrity of alcoholic beverages stored for extended periods. This exposure results in loss of quality in terms of color, body, flavor, and aroma.

Promolux’s Beverage-Safe Spectrum LED Lamps

The Ideal Lighting Solution for Beer, Wine, and Champagne Displays

Our food-specific LED lamps are engineered to provide authentic colors for beer and wine displays while emitting minimal radiation in the wavelengths that specifically affect these alcoholic beverages.

Maujean’s Insights into Light-Flavored Champagne

Research into Light-Induced Flavors

Prominent experts like Maujean from the University of Reims have conducted groundbreaking research into the “goût de lumière,” shedding light on how light-induced oxidation can dramatically alter the taste and aroma of champagne in a matter of minutes, such as in a supermarket setting.

Understanding the “Light-Struck” Phenomenon in Beer

The Rapid Effects of Light Exposure

Beer is no exception to the “light-struck” effect, a phenomenon leading to an immediate, powerful smell and aroma when exposed to light. This is particularly pronounced in lighter beers or those rich in hops. The compounds in hops, known as isohumulones, break down under light to produce the skunky smell and taste.

Impact of Glass Color on Beer Damage

Evaluating the Role of Glass Bottle Color

Clear glass provides little protection against the “light-struck” effect, with beer becoming light struck in a mere thirty seconds when stored in clear bottles. Amber glass offers only minimal protection, with beer in these bottles becoming light struck in just two minutes.

Ensuring Quality in Commercial Beverage Displays

Expanding the Scope of Impact to All Commercial Beverages

Light significantly affects the taste and aroma of white wine and beer, but this phenomenon extends to a range of commercial beverages, including fruit juices and ciders displayed in refrigerated merchandisers.

Promolux’s Safer Solution for Your Beverage Display

Minimizing the Impact of Visible Spectrum Radiation

The adverse effects of infiltrating light on these beverages are notably reduced by Promolux lamps and LEDs, which emit lower levels of damaging visible spectrum radiation. This provides a healthier alternative for the display of natural juices and alcoholic beverages.

Revitalize Your Beverage Displays

Elevate the Quality of Your Store’s Beverage Presentation

Promolux lamps and LED lighting solutions provide the key to improving your beverage displays. Not only do they enhance the visual appeal, but they also ensure the preservation of your beverages’ unique flavors and quality. If you’re seeking to deepen the impact of your beverage presentation, Promolux lamps and LEDs offer the solution you’ve been searching for.

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