Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Car Displays

Car Showroom merchandised with regular LEDs (left pic) compared with Promolux LEDs (right pic)

With the investment in a new vehicle being so high, it’s imperative to present that vehicle in the best possible light. LEDs that are bright but sacrifice color don’t do justice to your showroom. In fact, using the wrong lighting can contribute to a customer walking away without making a purchase decision.

Because vehicle purchases are often emotional, impulse, or even spur of the moment, it’s crucial to optimize every aspect of the sales environment. A decision to buy or not buy is often made in that first moment when a customer walks into the showroom.

Promolux LEDs produce such high definition colors that all of the subtle nuances of the cars’ metallic shine are incredibly crisp and vibrant. Customers are naturally drawn to the colors and immediately picture themselves driving off the lot in that shiny new vehicle!

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