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Promolux is the first manufacturer to develop a commercial lighting source that combines superior color rendering with reduction of harmful radiation.

Promolux lighting has been used in the food industry for over a three decades, helping supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, and bakeries display perishables in favorable light and protecting items from drying, fading, and bacterial degeneration. More recently, retailers of heat and color sensitive products such as leather, flowers and cosmetics, have also started specifying Promolux lamps. Our LED lighting is also being requested for a number of new and exciting applications, such as medical and dental procedures, museums, auto shops and other industry applications where true color or low radiation are critical.

How Promolux can Enhance Lighting Design

As you well know, the purpose of commercial lighting design is to create a mood or atmosphere that induces customers to buy the products on display. While accent lighting and featured display cases are a part of this, designers must go a step further and ensure that the merchandise – not the cases – look their best, and that products are not distorted by cheap, inappropriate lighting. Increasingly, this requires retailers to understand more fully the effects of lighting on different kinds of products.

In the supermarket industry, for example, scientists have found that light radiation can be reactive with the chemistry of various food products, causing internal heating and creation of bacteria. In other retail applications, such as leather or clothing stores, poor lighting is often responsible for fading and discoloring of merchandise. Indeed, for a wide range of products – flowers, antiques, art, ceramics, cosmetics – the damage and subsequent cost of inappropriate lighting can be substantial. For this reason, designers need to take into consideration more than just lumens and Kelvin temperature when specifying particular lamps. Designers should know which lamps can make each product look its best as well as how to minimize the effects of radiation on sensitive merchandise.

Promolux can enhance lighting design by first producing outstanding color and low glare. Our lamps have received the highest Color Preference Index (CPI) rating of any lamp in the market. This is because Promolux LEDs are made with phosphors previously used only for television picture tubes. Such phosphors are much more expensive that those used in regular lamps ($700 a pound vs. $40 a pound), and offer the highest quality color rendering available in any merchandising lamp. Promolux specialty LEDs bring out the full, natural range of color in merchandise without distorting or artificially enhancing its appearance.

The second way that Promolux commercial LEDs can benefit lighting design is by maintaining the quality of sensitive products for as long as possible. Promolux has developed a proprietary, balanced spectrum process, which combines excellent color rendering with special filters that dramatically lower Ultraviolet, Infra-Red and visible spectrum radiation. Promolux lamps have been tested by independent laboratories and have been shown to have 86% lower radiation than regular lamps. This technology translates into reduced shrinkage and extended shelf life for products, which means healthier profits for your customers and higher marks for your design.

How can we help you?

To learn more about Promolux lighting, including our volume pricing options, or to find a distributor in your area, please call, email, or follow the link to fill in the contact form. A member of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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