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Experience True Color with Promolux Full Spectrum LEDs

Premium quality art deserves to be seen through premium quality light sources – Artists, gallery owners and art collectors appreciate the ultimate truly balanced full spectrum LEDs from Promolux. All you need to do is compare side by side any light source to the equivalent from Promolux. You will notice a much richer and accurate color perception with a natural contrast not found in common lamps.

All colors will appear vibrant and natural with the precise hue and saturation the artist intended and not distorted to the yellow or green portions of the spectrum. In addition to seeing all colors and textures better, artists report less eye fatigue, strain and glare from Promolux LEDs when creating their works in the studio.

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Promolux LEDs last up to ten times longer than common lamps and save up to 90% energy as compared to halogen or regular spot lamps. Promolux produces state of the art Balanced Full Spectrum LEDs in all formats and sizes to fit most standard fixtures and we would be happy to provide such lamps for your evaluation. They are unlike anything you may have seen or currently using. These lights could only be produced with current solid state technology.

Art Galleries benefit tremendously by installing Promolux Premium White LEDs. In the art world, color is so important, and it is a tragedy to lose or distort that color by using LEDs that look good on paper but fail to provide good color presentation in real situations.

Many Art Galleries fall into the trap of selecting LEDs based on specifications only – and not by a visual evaluation. In an industry where visuals are of the utmost importance, choosing the wrong LED is very costly.

It’s easy to manufacture LEDs that produce lots of light, but it takes a ‘true artist’ to make that light precise. Promolux Premium White LEDs bring out colors that artists spend lifetimes learning to recreate – and accurately display artwork the way it was intended.

Promolux catalog of LED products for non-food retail displaysClick here for the Promolux catalog of LED products for non-food retail displays


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