Promolux balanced spectrum lighting is available in various forms of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs). It is important to note that Promolux is not involved with light fixtures, only in manufacturing lamps. Promolux currently manufactures 12 models of LED lamps to physically and electrically match almost any lighting currently used in commercial display cases. Our lighting is available in every standard size, wattage, length, and socket prevalent in the market. Simply match the existing type of lamp in use with the corresponding Promolux lamp.

High-quality specialty lighting

Promolux lamps are made with quality workmanship and components to assure the same life as other long-life lamps on the market. However, with lamps such as Promolux, the life expectancy is not simply measured by the length of time it takes to burn out, but by the lamp’s ability to maintain its color rendering properties for the duration of its life. Two lamps made to output almost the same color spectrum, but manufactured by completely different processes will have a very different decay of their visible color rendering over time. All lamps decay through their life, but specialty lighting should maintain a high quality of color rendering throughout the span of its life. In many tests, Promolux has maintained its high quality color rendering properties at an 80% level, after 10,000 hours use. The average rated life expectancy of an LED depends on its size, type and operating parameters. The life span of Promolux lamps are the same or better than others in the market.

Promolux lighting does have generally higher price tag compared to ordinary lighting due to the quality of the materials. The phosphor component is 20 times more expensive than that used by other standard lighting manufacturers. In fact, the phosphors used in Promolux lamps have only previously been used for coating the surface of color television picture tubes. The Promolux phosphor combination is perfectly balanced to give the highest contrast for each and every shade of color.

Promolux LEDs are not manufactured in the massive quantities when compared to brands that are used typically in applications such as ceilings, offices, schools, hospitals and warehouse lighting. Promolux can adopt smaller runs of certain sizes to meet the needs of current and future retail display case lamp preferences and the attractive retail pay back benefits overcome lamp price.

Color is More Important than Brightness

It is important to remember that the main focus of other commercial lighting manufacturers is to produce lamps that provide the greatest amount of lighting output using the least amount of energy. To be efficient these lamps must be focused in the yellow and green spectrum of phosphor color. This is because yellows and greens have the highest luminance or brightness for lighting up a room or warehouse. Promolux is primarily concerned with specialized areas such as merchandising displays. In these applications, the yellow, green color output from display case lights can make fresh products look unattractive.

Promolux lamps do not use any more or less energy than other lamps. Promolux lamps use a concentration of high definition blue and deep red phosphors to balance with yellow and green. Increasing the emission of darker colors from a lamp gives a slight appearance of less brightness. However, a slight sacrifice in brightness or lumen output is made in order to have the merchandise look vibrant and fresh. Promolux simply allows the vivid color that already exists in products to appear as natural as possible. Retailers want their merchandise to have outstanding consumer eye appeal.

Many years ago certain lamps used for meat displays were dubbed “meat lamps” because they were so strong in red color that consumer groups called it obvious distortion and misrepresentation. These lamps would only be used for meat, as they would cast an unwelcome red color on all types of perishable merchandise placed beneath them. Many State Health departments banned the use of red lamps, red colored display case interiors, red reflectors and lamp covers in meat displays. Promolux is approved in writing by health officials for applications such as meat display lighting.

Today dark colors such as deep red and blue are ignored for their lack of brightness by manufacturers of general purpose LEDs. As everyone learns in school, the three primary colors (red, blue yellow) are required in order to make other shades of color. Promolux lamps are designed with a balance of the primary colors to achieve a natural appearance in all merchandise such as meat, deli, seafood, produce, bakery, floral, etc. Promolux does not distort or sacrifice any one color over others and thus gains approval for all types of food display.

Promolux naturally shows true red color, but will also increase the contrast of any other color such as white, blue, green, orange, etc. It is very significant that Promolux provides excellent color rendering of white. This provides for a fresh appearance of meat due to the stark contrast of white fat content combined with the red color of the meat. Other lights tend to make the fat look yellowish-orange which gives meat an unpleasant and unfresh appearance.