Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Jewelry Displays

Gold jewelry on display, luxurious gold counter, a beauty and luxury gift for a woman

A jeweler has hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in product, so it is especially important to create displays that get noticed by customers. Improper lighting does not allow jewelry to sparkle, pop or be displayed in a way that maximizes interest from shoppers.

The high definition color of Promolux LEDs creates a visual “wow” in all jewelry cases and displays. Jewelry under Promolux LEDs is showcased in the best possible light, ensuring customers are drawn to it – from across the store, across the mall, or across the street!

Promolux catalog of LED products for non-food retail displaysClick here for the Promolux catalog of LED products for non-food retail displays
gold jewelry, selling in the market, luxurious gold counter, A beauty and luxury for a gift woman MOSCOW - FEBRUARY 14: Showcases with expensive jewelry in jewelry salon Estet, on February 14, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. Jewelry House Estet was founded in 1991. Astonished woman looking to showcase or shop window. Surprised shopping girl chooses jewelry in store
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