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Light and Meat


July 30th, 2013

Market Group Ventures, Inc. (Promolux Lighting) is pleased to announce that , Tewksbury, MA based supermarket chain, Market Basket, has retrofitted the seafood case of their Epping, NH location with Promolux LED (PLED) T8 replacement tubes.

Authorized New England distributor, Foley & Wallace Associates, installed the PLED T8 tubes in the service seafood case in an effort to help Market Basket reduce energy consumption, improve merchandising and reduce perishable shrink.

“We installed PLED tubes in our service seafood case because we know the merchandising benefits Promolux brings.  Our goal now is to also capitalize on the energy saving and long life benefits of the PLED LEDs,” states Market Basket’s Seafood, Deli & Prepare Foods Merchandising Supervisor, Richard Fichera.  “Promolux really understands the importance that color plays in merchandising fresh food,” says Fichera.  “I won’t use any other light to merchandise the seafood in Market Basket Stores.”

PLED T8 tubes retrofit into any existing T8 fixture and are available in lengths of 18”, 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft & 6ft.  With the same legendary color as Promolux fluorescents, the PLED T8 tubes have a 50,000 hour life and are nearly twice as bright as fluorescents – while using only about half the energy.

Market Basket is a growing chain of 70 supermarkets in NH and MA.  Its footprint spans from central New Hampshire to southeastern Massachusetts with headquarters in Tewksbury, MA.  With plans to build additional stores, Market Basket will expand into Maine in the near future.

For further information, please contact Promolux’s regional manager, Scott Werhun (

For over 30 years Market Group Ventures (Promolux) has produced innovative retail solutions that merchandise fresh food and save energy – as well as protect and prolong shelf life.  With its head quarters and primary warehouse in North America, Market Group Ventures is a global company with offices in Europe and a distribution network that services more than 30 countries worldwide.

Market Group Ventures Welcomes Carmen Moya to the Team

June 18th, 2013

June 18th, 2013 – SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC – Management & Staff of Market Group Ventures (Promolux Lighting & Econofrost Night Covers) welcome Carmen Moya to the North American Sales Team.  Senior regional manager, Scott Werhun, remains the main point of contact for MGV’s USA accounts, while Trevor Brien – MGV’s OEM & Canadian Account Manager is the point of contact for equipment manufacturers and Canadian customers.

“Carmen brings a wealth of knowledge in account management and customer service and we are very excited to have her on the team,” said general manager, Mark Granfar.

Distributors and retailers in the United States are encouraged to contact Scott Werhun ( or Carmen Moya ( with questions or for any further information.

For over 30 years Market Group Ventures ( has produced innovative retail solutions that save energy as well as protect and prolong the shelf life of perishable foods. With its head quarters and primary warehouse in North America, Market Group Ventures is a global company with offices in Europe and a distribution network that services more than 30 countries worldwide.


December 3rd, 2012

December 3, 2012 – SHAWNIGAN LAKE, BC – Management of Market Group Ventures (Promolux Lighting & Econofrost Night Covers) announced today that Jamie Orr has resigned from his position as North American Key Account Manager. Senior regional manager, Scott Werhun, becomes the main point of contact for MGV’s USA accounts, while Trevor Brien – MGV’s OEM & Canadian Account Manager continues to be the point of contact for equipment manufacturers and Canadian customers.

“We thank Jamie Orr for his many years of service to the company and wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” said general manager, Mark Granfar. “As we move forward, we continue to have a strong North American team, and are excited for Scott Werhun and Trevor Brien’s contributions to our USA key accounts, OEMs & Canadian customers.”

“The North American team and I will be extremely focused on successfully managing this period of transition. I want to assure our customers and other key stakeholders that we will work together to move our company forward to maintain our growth strategy while continuing to support our network of distributors in their efforts,” emphasized Granfar.

Distributors and retailers in the United States are encouraged to contact Scott Werhun ( with any questions or concerns, while Trevor Brien asks Canadian customers and OEMs to reach out to him ( anytime.

For over 30 years Market Group Ventures ( has produced innovative retail solutions that save energy as well as protect and prolong the shelf life of perishable foods. With its head quarters and primary warehouse in North America, Market Group Ventures is a global company with offices in Europe and a distribution network that services more than 30 countries worldwide.

Econofrost new web site

April 4th, 2012

Shawnigan Lake, BC, April 4, 2012 – ECONOFROST night covers, an industry leader in retrofit, OEM and custom night cover products for commercial refrigeration displays and equipment is excited to announce the redesign of their website, Econofrost night covers have been actively helping fresh food retailers, including both large corporate chains and independent store operators, to conserve energy, reduce food spoilage and minimize operating costs for over thirty years.

While the new website features a more modern look, the primary objective of the redesign was to improve the usability of the site for the group of store retailers, refrigeration contractors, foodservice equipment representatives and energy consultants who visit the site regularly. “There is a wealth of information in terms of the many benefits night covers offer, including industry reports and rebate programs as well as the depth of our own product line,” says Samantha Criddle who helped bring about the new redesign. “My goal was simple, to make it significantly easier for our customers and potential customers to navigate the site and find exactly what they are looking for. And I feel the new design of the site has achieved that.”
The website also includes valuable resources for store owners and refrigeration specialists, including independent reports, grocery store case studies and a payback calculator that illustrates how long it would take for a store to recoup the investment cost of undertaking a night cover project solely on energy savings. Even better, there is a Live Help button which allows anyone on the site to talk to an in-house customer service representative in real time which really strengthens the “connect with us” philosophy that we are continually striving for.
The newest version of the ECONOFROST interactive site just reiterates the excitement and commitment this Canadian based company brings to the industry of retrofit night covers designed for supermarket, grocery and food service operations. Visit to see the exciting new design and the latest in the world of night covers.

Bakeries Saving the Dough With Promolux

September 8th, 2011

A high-tech retail lighting company is providing bakeries and artisan shops world-wide a golden opportunity to highlight their bakery items and extend shelf life. The site has been given a new look and design as it highlights the benefits of proper case lighting for independent bakery shops.

Promolux bakery case lighting offers bakers and confectionary houses a cost-effective advantage of presenting true and vibrant colors while maintaining product freshness and flavors.

Fancy Cakes and Desserts Deserve To Be Highlighted
Presentation and product shelf life is vital for many independent bakeries, especially when they put so much time and effort into their tasteful creations. Many cakes and pastries are of an intricate nature and are created using colorful icings, cream and fruit fillings as well as chocolate and fondant.

In bakery displays exposure from general-purpose lamps causes icings to fade and discolor, as well as sapping moisture and developing off-flavors in cream. Promolux lamps are specifically formulated to protect heat and light sensitive foods while providing superior color rendering.

Most bakers admit their lighting is too warm causing cakes and chocolates to change in appearance and taste. In today’s business world, shoppers are looking for vibrant displays with tantalizing food items that not only look great but are amazing to eat as well.

The redesigned bakery site showcases the many advantages of using Promolux lights including improved product integrity and greater shopper appeal. Many bakery shops have reported that Promolux extended shelf life by up to 50 per which saved them quite a bit of money and product.

A Color Formula Like No Other
Promolux offers two color formulas for the showcasing bakery items. For colorful and vibrant products, Promolux Platinum series provides the perfect balance of color and contrast for each and every shade of the products natural color. For artisan and local bread shops, Promolux Gold formula provides warm and golden hues for freshly baked breads, donuts and pastries.

Today, consumers are demanding premium quality freshness, and if they don’t find it in your baked goods display cases, they’ll not purchase. Upgrading your lighting display cases to our Promolux specialty lamps will save you money by extending shelf life and luring customers to your displays.

To learn more about the power of using Promolux lights in distinguishing your bakery and your products be sure to visit the redesigned site or contact Promolux Lighting International directly toll free at 1-800-519-1222.

Lighting the way to Savings Promolux: Better Light, Better Value

July 20th, 2011

Almost every food/grocery store uses lighted display cases to showcase perishable foods for sale. But did you know that the fluorescent lamps in those cases emit radiation that can damage the appearance, quality and texture of the food?

Fluorescent lamps pass electricity through a long tube to excite the electrons in mercury vapor. This produces ultra-violet light which causes the phosphors in the lamp to produce visible light. Light is radiated and is emitted in varying wavelengths that generate visible and non-visible radiation (UV-A, UV-B and UV-C). Certain portions of the wavelength are damaging to food and cause rapid ripening, spoilage and bacteria growth.

Promolux lamps are optimized for fresh food displays and reduce those damaging spectrums by over 86% so perishable foods stay fresh and healthy longer. Using Promolux reduces overhead expenses and provides a better, safer product to consumers.

Unlike average fluorescent lamps, the glass casing used in Promolux lamps actively filters out UV radiation. When installed in food display showcases, this radiation filter helps to protect food items from over-exposure to harmful radiation that can distort items color, smell, and taste.

The high-quality phosphors used in Promolux lamps lead to a longer life for the bulb and permit superior, more natural level of color rendering. Balancing Promolux lamps with the overall lighting scheme of a store will optimize the appearance of food items and increase shopper appeal. Since Promolux lamps are designed and built specifically for food displays, they are available in a wide variety to suit the needs of venues as diverse as restaurants, delicatessens, bakeries and ice cream shops, or large-scale grocery stores.

Food safety and quality is an important factor in the decision-making process of contemporary consumers. With the broader push for safer, healthier foods, shoppers are more conscious than ever of the potentially harmful effects of commercial retail practices. High or fluctuating case and product temperatures due to improper lighting in display cases can lead to bacteria growth, the spread of pathogens and food poisoning.

The engineered control over the intensity and heat emitted by Promolux lamps provides retailers with a level of confidence that the lighting in their cases will not adversely affect the temperature and quality of the food items on display. These controls are especially important for meat counters, fish displays and deli cases where highly sensitive items are merchandised.

Promolux lamps are an affordable, practical lighting solution. Promolux lamps increase the visual appeal of merchandise while reducing product waste. Improper lighting increases shrink and discard rates, which causes overhead costs to rise. Promolux lamps help control those costs and improve overall profitability.

Designed to last for years, Promolux lamps are a sensible long-term investment that saves retailers thousands of dollars over the life of the lamp. Take a few minutes today and get better value for years to come.

Visit the website for more information or call us toll free at 1-800-519-1222. On the computer? Then send us an email inquiry at

Dishing it out at the Deli

July 6th, 2011

Dishing Up the Goods with Deli Lighting

For food display cases and refrigeration equipment, proper lighting can reduce spoilage and the risk of health issues. In the food retail industry, display case lighting is the main culprit of deli meats drying out, tasting rancid or off-coloring. All of which cost the retailer time, money and reputation.

Purchasing a superior lighting product, such as Promolux Lighting, is a sound business decision. Installing the right type of food lighting is more than an investment it is a necessary element for the safe and successful merchandising of perishable food items.

The main cause of lipid oxidation

Normal lighting causes lipid oxidation; the reason why meat loses its flavor, color and taste. When food retailers place meat in a display case, it is exposed to varying temperatures making it vulnerable to drying out, rapid spoilage and bacteria growth which can be a serious health hazard.

If dairy products or meats are exposed to fluctuating temperatures they will spoil and make customers sick. Open cases need to be able to remain at a consistent temperature so that even sliced meats stay at their best until the customer takes them home to eat them.

Regular lighting exposes food to ultra violet rays, especially yellow and green portions of the light spectrum, and heat from the bulbs themselves. All of these factors contribute to why meat, dairy products and other types of fresh produce lose their shopper appeal.

Food good enough to eat

In addition to food safety, grocery case lighting needs to make sure that food looks appealing to customers in order to encourage a sale. The right lighting ensures superior color and quality that will make the customer want to purchase the item. Once they bring that item home and taste the freshness and flavor of the product, customers are sure to return for more items.

Special products deserve special attention

Independent and specialty shops often carry expensive items that involve greater care and attention. For these specialty shops, quality product selection and shopper appeal is what differentiates them from the grocer down the street. For these businesses, specialty lighting is even more important. Not only does it keep food fresh and attract customers but it also reduces shrink and discard which, in the specialty food business can be very expensive. When dealing with such delicate products, specialty food lighting guarantees food safety, quality and cost efficiency.

Owning your own store can be an expensive and risky venture. Much of the product has to be brought in from surrounding areas and over great distances before it is unloaded into the display showcase. These sensitive products may have a limited shelf life and unwanted warming, ultra violet rays and lipid oxidation can tip that fragile balance.

The ability to reduce the amount of product spoilage is a sound business tactic. Keeping food at its optimum temperature while displaying its superior quality will help increase sales. Specialty food lamps such as Promolux Lighting helps showcase foods natural colors and increase customer satisfaction and improve your company’s bottom line.

For more information on showcase food lighting for deli and meat cases, visit the website or send an email request for more information to

Promolux and Econofrost Collaborate with South America’s Top Grocery and Supermarket Retailers

March 17th, 2011

Super Rio 2011 – South America’s Top Grocery and Supermarket Retailers Discover Products for Greater Sustainability and Cost Savings

It is imperative for today’s supermarket operators to cement their business and future sustainability in a competitive economy struggling with economic turmoil and instability.

For many retailers, this is the perfect time to reflect, re-invent and foster the techniques and principles that strengthen shopper loyalty, demonstrate a commitment in providing top quality and safe consumable items and work towards achieving sustainable, environmentally-friendly business practices.

In the food retail industry where high operating costs and energy consumption erode profit margins, only the resilient and resourceful store owners will succeed and outlast their competitors.

Where Do Retailers Looking for New Technology and Sustainable Products Go?
The upcoming Super Rio trade show in Rio De Janerio (March 23 – 25, 2011) is the ideal venue for grocery vendors, independent store retailers and boutique store owners to connect and discover all the exciting new technologies and products available to this specific industry.

Excited to be participating once again, Econofrost night covers will be on hand in booth #D07 to demonstrate the substantial energy savings and shrink reductions that retailers can achieve by using Econofrost night covers. Simply retrofitting Econofrost energy saving night covers on all open refrigerated equipment can equate to thousands of dollars in savings per department. When you add the savings over the lifetime of the product (up to ten years), the average retailer will save millions.

In addition to energy savings, another key focus of store managers and key personnel will be on strengthening current merchandising techniques with products like Promolux Fresh Food Display Case Lighting. Promolux is industry’s best light that provides the greatest color presentation and product protection for retailers. Grocery departments and specialty stores that use Promolux save hundreds of dollars while improving the shelf life and appearance of fresh foods items.

Sustainable Products Showcased For Retailers
Excited to participate, Antonio Oquendo, Manager for the Latin America & Caribbean Territory, will be on hand to showcase the latest developments in both the Econofrost and Promolux product line.

These two reputable products continue to offer food retailers an effective and affordable way to reduce waste, save energy, lower operating costs and accrue more savings for a healthier bottom line. Many Econofrost and Promolux customers are happy to share their story on how the product benefited their store and the difference it made to their business.

A CLoser Look at Promolux Food Lighting
Retailers Demand Longer Shelf Life Extension and Faster Turn Over of Stock
Providing the highest quality visual merchandising available on the market, Promolux lamps reduce up to 86% of radiations – significantly extending shelf life. As a result, department staff find they use less re-wrap materials, they don’t have to turn and trim the items on display as much resulting in less discarded merchandise and they are selling more items at full market price protecting slim profit margins.

A Closer Look at Econofrost Night Covers
Retrofit Night Covers Are A Cost Effective Way to Reduce Refrigeration Costs and Improve Product Integrity
Retrofit night covers (like the industry standard Econofrost brand) provide grocery retailers with the most effective thermal barrier and commercial refrigeration product for saving energy and improving overall product integrity. Maintaining cooler, more stable case and product temperatures and reflecting ambient radiation away from the case is key to the continued integrity, shelf life and shopper appeal of perishable food items.

Grocers install night covers as a means of drastically lowering operating expenses which include utility costs and the costs associated with product shrink and discard. With many models and sizes designed specifically for a variety of open refrigerated commercial display cases, Econofrost night covers encourage shopper accessibility, reduce costs and provide many years of worry free serviceable life.

Arranging a Trial Demonstration of In-Store Test
For those grocery retailers and independent store owners who are unable to attend this year’s Super Rio trade show, we invite you to connect with us online by visiting our sites ( or To arrange a in-store trial of either of our products call us at 250-743-1222 (toll free in North America at 1-800-519-1222) and let us help you save your business time and money.

James Kemp Joins MGV Team

June 17th, 2010

Market Group Ventures Inc. (MGV, Inc.) is very pleased to announce the addition of James Kemp, to our North American Sales team for Promolux Lighting International. James will be working with our sales team providing sales support to our customers in the Central and Western United States for Promolux.

James brings over 10 years experience in customer service, sales and account management to MGV, Inc. With previous experience in the commercial lighting industry in the area of retrofits and energy efficient upgrades we are certain James will be a great asset in our continuing efforts to bring merchandising solutions to supermarkets worldwide.

James also has completed his commercial pilot’s license along with a Bachelors degree in Science from the University of Victoria having majored in Biology.

MGV, Inc. has supplied technology for the international retail food industry since 1975. Promolux Lighting and Econofrost night covers are industry leaders in the areas of merchandising, food integrity, sustainability and energy and cost savings.

Working closely with major chains and independent retailers, Market Group Ventures Inc, continues to provide supermarkets and grocery stores with cost effective solutions to everyday challenges.

To learn more please visit our site: or call us (toll free Canada & US) 1-800-519-1222 or (International Inquiries) 1-250-743-1222.

Pat Cooley Joins MGV Team

June 9th, 2010

Market Group Ventures Inc. (MGV, Inc.) is very pleased to announce the addition of Pat Cooley. Pat Cooley joins our Adminstrative and Processing department as Administrative Assistant where she will help process customer orders for Promolux Lighting and Econofrost Night Covers.

Pat brings with her over 13 years experience in customer service, processing and data management. Calling on her previous experience in professional banking, including a role as a Financial Advisor where she served Small Business clients, and an instrumental position as an assistant to upper level investment advisers we expect Pat to make the transition to our office environment very smoothly.

In addition to her work experience, Pat has also completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing at the University of Northern British Columbia.

We are very excited to have Pat Cooley join our team and would like to formally extend a warm welcome to Pat. Welcome aboard Pat!

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