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Platinum Series

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Platinum Series

The Promolux Platinum Color Series LEDs are designed specifically for fresh food merchandising. The Platinum Series LEDs have a balanced color spectrum with additional deep reds and deep blues. Adding deep red and deep blue to a balanced color spectrum compensates for overhead ambient lighting that’s deficient in those colors (ie. Most general and ambient lighting).  Use the Platinum color series anywhere that lighting is in close proximity to fresh food to make the colors of that food “pop” and catch the customers’ eye.

Ideal for:

Platinum LEDs
Product Catalog

  • Service Meat Cases
  • Service Seafood Cases
  • Produce Cases/Displays
  • Service Deli Cases
  • Prepared Foods Cases
  • Bakery Cases
  • Ice Cream & Gelato Cases
  • Floral Cases/Displays

The Platinum Color Series are available in the following types and sizes: