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Retail Wine Shop Merchandising

When wine is exposed light a chemical reaction is initiated which produces compounds known as mercaptans. Mercaptans cause the wine to smell and taste like skunk spray, sulfur, rubber, onion or garlic or even cooked cabbage.

This light struck effect occurs in white, rose, and sparkling wines more often than in red wines, because white and rose wines tend to be in clear bottles to show off their delicate colors, while red wines are usually in dark bottles, which protects the wine from the adverse effects of light.

For centuries, wine connoisseurs have stored wine in dark, cool cellars, which is the best way to preserve the full flavor of the wine. In some liquor stores, wines are showcased under high intensity lights such as hot spotlights, halogens or metal-halide lamps, while wine displays in supermarkets are often lit by bright fluorescent lights. All of these lighting sources emit ultraviolet light and damaging visible spectrum radiation, which affects the quality and taste of the wine.

Promolux low radiation balanced spectrum fluorescent lamps and LEDs filter over 86% of harmful radiation while providing a light source that is perfect for wine coolers and merchandisers. (Image on the Left: Promolux lights installed in a wine display at a local wine shop keep the wine fresh and full of flavor).

If you are looking for a way to bring another depth of merchandising strength to your stores’ cases, then Promolux lamps and LEDs are the solution you’re looking for!