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Hot Food Buffets

Successful hot food buffets are visually appealing. Display lighting is critical because the wrong lighting can cause food to dry out and toughen, making it less appealing to customers.

Promolux fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit a balanced spectrum and lower levels of ultraviolet light which really accentuates foods natural colors, textures and flavors safely for a truly mouth-watering selection.

Holding Time of Hot Food Buffets

Most buffet display case lighting shortens the holding time of hot buffet food to thirty minutes or less. While the heat produced by incandescent and halogen buffet display lamps is certainly a factor, the ultraviolet and visible spectrum radiation emitted by these lamps and by regular fluorescent lighting causes even more damage to hot buffet food. Radiation is absorbed by the food as heat which causes hot food displays to cook even further, drying it out and weakening the flavors.

Display lighting triggers chemical changes in a foods ingredients which causes discoloration, loss of moisture and flavor.

When items in a hot food buffet do not appear fresh, customers will not be tempted to eat it. And continuously replacing light-damaged food with fresh food can quickly become very costly to a business. Retailers also lose money when buffet items that are sold by weight become dehydrated under the buffets lights.

Promolux true full spectrum lamps and LEDs reduce shrinkage in hot buffet displays because they emit much lower levels of ultraviolet radiation than most other supermarket display lamps. Prepared meals maintain their moisture, flavor and freshness, longer under Promolux lamps. Ideal for hot buffets and food service stations, Promolux lights are the preferred lighting choice among many food service and food retail businesses world-wide.