Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Dental Clinics and Laboratories

These days, dental practitioners are expected to be qualified artists and technicians. The public is much more demanding and has high expectations for almost perfect color and shade matching for their cosmetic and restorative implants, veneers, fillings, bridges, and crowns.

Many tools and advances provide some support, such as shade tabs, guides and mapping as well as digital photography, colorimeters and spectrometers, among others. Though when we compare current equipment to our eyes with approximately 120 million rods and over 6 million cone shaped receptors measuring the quality of light and color, we realize that human eye is by far the most reliable tool and the one by which the client will measure the final results.

All research studies agree that lighting is the most critical element for success. Natural light, when available, is not constant as it varies depending on the time of day, the season and geographical area.

Dental clinic interior design

Artificial lights distort towards the yellow portion of the spectrum for the chair lights or incandescents and favor the blue green wavelengths when using common fluorescents or LEDs. Recent advances in Promolux LED technology based on custom chromatic spectrums now allow for precise balancing of the visible spectrum to create the ultimate tool for cosmetic dentistry and are designed with high saturation of a wide portion of the visible portion of the spectrum.

The light source is extremely important in all color matching tasks and especially so in cosmetic dental work where in addition to color, saturation and brightness, we also need to evaluate the texture, translucency of the enamel, fluorescence of the dentin and the opalescence brightness of the natural teeth. Dental professionals also report that working under Promolux LEDs reduces their eye strain and fatigue due to their balanced full spectrum. They feel more comfortable, can work better, have less glare, can see objects with better contrast and visual acuity.

With Promolux you can now illuminate your entire treatment and lab area with the ideal light source, ensuring rich, accurate color perception without eye fatigue or glare.

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