Specialty LED Lighting Solutions for Dermatology


Promolux LED is now producing custom-made light spectrums using digital LED technology that offers a precise mix of visible radiation to suit the field of clinical dermatology.

Although natural light is generally regarded as the most ideal lighting source, it is not always available and it changes based on the season, time of the day, geographical location, and weather.

Artificial light sources have advanced from halogen, fluorescent, and incandescent sources to LEDs, and the way to measure the quality of light has also evolved. It is no longer sufficient to use the Color Reference Index (CRI) as the standard criteria for dermatology where 8 color samples are used, since more advanced criteria today uses 99 color samples are used as with IES TM-30-15.

Furthermore, the use of the Kelvin temperature scale does not reflect the quality or fidelity of the colors reflected by the lamp source. A low Kelvin light distorts towards the yellow portion of the spectrum, whereas a high Kelvin lamp is very poor in the red portions of the spectrum but high in the blue portions.

Although there are a number of electronic tools used to observe the appearance of cutaneous physiology, when we compare these to our eyes with approximately 120 million rods and over 6 million cone shaped receptors, we realize the value of our eyes for diagnosis and visual evaluation of skin disorders.

Dermatologists can enjoy a higher rate of diagnostic accuracy if their area of practice is lit by the ultimate light source for early detection, prognostic and clinical evaluation and monitoring response to treatment.

The importance of visualization and inspection by the naked eye for color, pigmentation, tissue lesions, evaluation of vascular structures, use of visual grading scales, and other assessments depends on the quality of the light source used in the area of practice. Even photographic records can be affected by the use of a flash or poor quality lighting which can distort what the doctor sees during an examination.

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