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Supermarket Flower Arrangements and Floral Display Case Lighting

Impulse buying accounts for a large proportion of supermarket flower arrangement sales. Floral display cases must be brightly lit for optimal supermarket floral merchandising, yet hot spotlights can cause fresh flowers to wilt.

UV radiation also contributes to flower wilting, accelerates the decomposition process and shortens the shelf life of cut flower displays. Promolux lamps and LED lighting emit 86% lower UV than most floral display case lighting which can increase shelf life of fresh cut flowers by up to 50%, depending on the variety of the flower.

True color rendering is essential for impulse sales of all floral bouquets. Unlike other lamps that distort the beauty of flower arrangements by emphasizing yellow and not including enough of the red and blue segments of the spectrum, Promolux lamps and LEDs have a balanced color spectrum which really enhances the bright vivid colors of every flower.

Promolux high definition fluorescent lamps and LEDs are ideal for ambient and display case applications, while Promolux halogen lamps and spotlights provide safe and effective accent lighting.

Cut Flower Bouquets in Floral Department Merchandisers

Although the heat and ultraviolet light radiated by most floral display case lamps are healthy for living plants, they accelerate the organic decomposition of harvested flowers and can contribute to dehydration. UV radiation in floral display case lighting encourages cut flowers to bloom, triggering them to release higher than normal levels of ethylene gas in a photochemical reaction that causes the blossoms to open and eventually decompose.

Like a domino effect, this ambient ethylene gas causes other cut flower buds in supermarket floral display cases to bloom, become overblown and decay prematurely. Even if ethylene is absorbed from the atmosphere by sachets or filters, ethylene is continually being produced by flowers illuminated by display case lighting. Roses and spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, and irises are particularly sensitive to light radiation.

Increased surface temperatures from display case lighting can encourage bacteria to grow, causing flowers to ferment and decompose. Floral display case lamps and LEDs that lead flower buds to bloom prematurely, wilt or ‘blast’ and fall off, are responsible for increased product shrinkage and lost sales.

Ideally, cut flowers should be kept in dark, cool, and humid conditions to prolong their fresh appearance. However, flowers are often sold on their visual appeal so these storage conditions are not always possible to achieve. Shoppers expect commercial flowers to last at least one week, yet it often takes 5 to 7 days for the flowers to reach the retailer once they have been harvested. Flowers that look like they have not yet reached their prime and will last a long time are the most visually appealing.

It is imperative therefore for floral shops to sell their stock in a very short time and to keep their flowers fresh by storing them in cool temperatures and protecting them from the premature damage caused by heat and radiation. Promolux lamps combine true color rendering with the highest level of filtration of visible spectrum and UV radiation, which results in a prolonged shelf life of floral bouquets and the best color presentation possible. For floral departments it’s all about sales and Promolux is another sales tool that helps florists to sell more floral arrangements and bouquets.

Silk Flowers in Retail Floral Showcases

True color rendering is an essential aspect of retail floral lighting especially for silk flowers whose material can quickly fade under the brightness and heat of improper lighting.

Fluorescent lighting over emphasizes the green and yellow wavelengths of the spectrum, while shortchanging the red and blue wavelengths, which makes white flowers appear yellow or greenish, and red flowers seem brownish.

With Promolux lamps silk flowers are vibrantly colorful and more natural looking providing shoppers with a greater selection.

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