Promolux Speaks Your Language:  

How Promolux can Add Value to a Display Case

Based on the relationships we have developed with other equipment manufacturers, we are confident that our commercial lighting system can add significant value to your business. Many North American case manufacturers have realized, proper lighting can make the critical difference between an outstanding or mediocre presentation. And this, of course, reflects directly on the effectiveness of your case.

Image of LED service meat case lights

Service cases are unique in their lighting requirements. A fine balance of illumination and color must be combined to effectively merchandise fresh foods.

Appearance, freshness, and shelf life are big factors when it comes to maintaining sales and shopper satisfaction. Promolux LEDs for grocery service cases deliver the correct balance of light and color for clear and crisp looking displays.

Packaged Deli LED lights

Promolux LEDs use a unique, easy-clip mounting system, making them ideal for a wide range of vertical retail display cases.

Using LED light strips in refrigerated multi-deck cases brings a new dimension in merchandising products such as packaged meats, deli and fresh produce.

Image of Led display case lighting for food displays

Quality fresh foods are the driving force behind a shopper’s loyalty. The right combination of food display lighting and fresh product is how retailers differentiate themselves.

Promolux LEDs are designed specifically for fresh food merchandising. Using the same legendary color spectrum created for Promolux fluorescents, Promolux LEDs are specified by retailers because they know the tremendous value using the right lighting brings to their merchandising programs.

Promolux LEDs use less energy, are guaranteed for five years, and should always be used in applications where good color presentation is critical.

Promolux brings out the full, natural range of color in merchandise without distorting or artificially enhancing its appearance.

We believe that investing in the best commercial lighting available for color sensitive applications such as fresh food, flower or cosmetic displays, is a logical extension of your commitment to provide merchandising advantages for your customers. While for some manufacturers it may appear that commercial lighting is beyond their concern, we believe that it can be a costly mistake to leave the completion of a merchandising strategy in the hands of unqualified personnel, whose only incentive may be to lower costs. Indeed, while excellent lighting complements the work of merchandising cases, cheap or improper lighting can actually ruin displays by fading or washing-out colors and by using overly bright lamps that draw the eye to the glass and metal on the case.

Of course, your customers may not realize that the cause of the problem is improper lighting. They may identify a shelf life problem and incorrectly assume it is being caused by dry air, poor cooling systems or deficient case design. This, clearly, is not in your best interest as a case manufacturer. It is thus critical that you take a proactive role in providing solutions to your customers merchandising problems, even if this means educating them about proper lighting for certain sensitive products.

One way to approach this is to simply mention the availability of specialty lighting to your customers. Specifying Promolux and making it standard in those cases where the difference in cost is justified by the fact you are providing innovative solutions for your clients and will benefit as a result. Either way the additional cost of including a specialty lamp is negligible when considered as part of the manufacturing process. Indeed, when Promolux is specified for cases where lighting can make a critical difference it is an investment that offers outstanding returns.

Examples of Applications where Promolux is used:

By working in partnership with Promolux you are ensured of our commitment to the highest standard of quality and customer service. Our best reference is our twenty plus year record of excellence in Europe and North America and our reputation as the most trusted lighting source for thousands of retailers worldwide.