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Custom Colors by Promolux

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For over 30 years Promolux has been recognized as the pioneer of specialty custom color lighting solutions. Beginning with fluorescent lamps in 1982, and moving into LED technology in 2009, Promolux sets the standard for merchandising where true and accurate color is essential.

Continuous research and development and partnerships with major universities around the world, give Promolux the distinct advantage of creating the best color definition LEDs for displaying food and other color critical merchandise in any retail application.

Promolux LEDs have the most precise color definition and highest quality chips. Unlike LEDs that use multi-color chips where some colors degrade faster than others, creating a shift in color in a short time frame, the Promolux technology ensures the LED chips maintain their original color over time.

Our customers include many top national and international retailers and supermarket chains because, in an industry where purchase decisions are often made based on the quality and attractiveness of products, they understand the value that using Promolux LEDs brings to their merchandising programs.