Promolux  Chip on Board Technology (COB)

Chip on Board Technology

In 2009 Promolux began a partnership with major first tier chip manufacturers and packagers in order to achieve the highest quality and efficiency in LED lighting solutions. Chip On Board (COB) technology for linear LEDs, and now PAR LEDs is one of the most significant developments.

Chip on board directly mounts semiconductors on high quality printed circuit boards so that even in very small spaces, high packaging densities are achieved. The result is a powerful and long lasting LED.

Using COB solutions, Promolux LEDs achieve maximum power density and optimal thermal management – which is critically important when LEDs are in close proximity to fresh food and other perishable merchandise.

In addition to these benefits, Promolux’s COB technology reduces shadows and hot spots that are often seen on regular LEDS, and delivers more homogeneous illumination – maximizing the visual appearance of merchandise!