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A collection of side by side comparisons and store installation from Promolux Lighting. See the difference for yourself.

Click on any of the images to take a closer look at the differences between Promolux Led Lighting

and regular lights for individual supermarket and grocery store department displays.

Bakery display comparison between Promolux LED lighting and regular lighting. Promolux is ideal in your bakery display cases - bread display, pastry display, tart display, donut display
Bakery Display Comparison
Supermarket Floral Display Case Lighting - see the difference between regular lighting and Promolux LED lighting for floral display cases
Floral Display Comparison
Grocery Store Meat and Deli Display Case Lighting - check out the difference between Promolux LED lighting for meat and deli display cases and regular lights. You can see the difference - improve sales and shelf life with Promolux
Meat and Deli Display Comparison
Specialty Display Cases for Non-Perishables. Compare Promolux LED lighting with regular lights. True color definition allows your products to stand out and increase eye appeal. Eye appeal is buy appeal.
Non-Perishable Display Comparison
Produce Display Case Lighting Comparison. Promolux LED Lighting for produce display cases provide superior color and lower spoilage versus regular lighting
Produce Display Comparison
Supermarket Seafood Display Case Comparison. See how much better fresh seafood looks with Promolux LED lighting over regular lighting. Promolux increases shelf life, extends product freshness and increases sales. Make your tuna, salmon, crab, and other seafood look better with Promolux
Seafood Display Comparison
See the different Promolux LED Lighting makes in your chocolate retail display cases. Chocolate looks amazing with our quality lighting, and Promolux LEDs slows down the blooming of chocolate.
Chocolate Display Comparisons
Donut Shop Display Lighting - Compare lighting from Promolux LED lighting versus regular lighting for donuts, cakes, cookies, pastries and more.
Donut Display Comparisons