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Decorated Cakes in Bakeries and Cake Shops

Decorated cakes in supermarket bakery merchandisers are sensitive to the damaging effects of retail display lighting. Promolux fluorescent lamps and LEDs emit minimal levels of the damaging visible spectrum and ultraviolet radiation, and thus can increase bakery shelf life by up to 50%.

Color Distortion of Decorated Cakes in Merchandisers

Bakery merchandiser lighting can distort the true colors of decorative cake displays, making cake icing and fruit toppings appear unappetizing. The fluorescent lamps and LEDs often used in supermarket in-store bakeries are skewed to emphasize yellow and green, and do not display white or red colors accurately.

Celebration cake displays featuring colorful cake decorations and cakes topped with whipped cream and fresh fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, and kiwis need to be illuminated with bakery display case lighting that will reveal the natural colors of these desserts.

Promolux bakery display case lighting is balanced for true color definition, revealing the bright red of a strawberry without compromising the pure white of the surrounding whipped cream.

Fading of Icing in Refrigerated Grocery Bakery Cabinets

UV and visible spectrum radiation from regular bakery cabinet lighting triggers photochemical reactions that cause the bright colors of food dyes to fade. When combined with the effect most fluorescent lights have of emphasizing yellow and green and thus distorting the true colors of the decorative icing, bakery display case lighting can actually create a less than ideal display. Promolux balanced color spectrum lamps and LEDs, on the other hand, reveal the true colors of decorative icing, while emitting lower levels of the harmful radiation that causes colors to fade.

Degeneration of Fats in Refrigerated Bakery Showcases

Light and heat accelerate the rate of lipid oxidation, a chemical reaction between oxygen and an unsaturated fatty acid that affects the smell, taste, and appearance of any food containing fats such as shortening, vegetable oil, or the milk fat in whipped cream and cream cheese. The higher the fat content, the more vulnerable the decorated cake is to the off-flavor effects of lipid oxidation. Nutritionally, lipid oxidation destroys riboflavin, pyridoxine, and vitamins A, D, B12, and C, while the free radicals that are released during oxidation are thought to cause cancer. Oxidized creams taste rancid, stale, metallic, or cardboardy.

Decorative icing containing dairy products is also susceptible to another chemical reaction triggered by light that causes whey proteins to degenerate and produces a burnt feathers or burnt hair flavor. These chemical reactions can occur after just four minutes of exposure to direct sunlight, or four hours of exposure to fluorescent lighting. Because Promolux Safe Spectrum lamps emit much lower levels of radiation than regular bakery display case light bulbs, they are less likely to precipitate lipid oxidation in decorative icings and cakes containing dairy products.

Food Borne Pathogens in Refrigerated Bakery Merchandisers

Even if cakes are refrigerated, the UV and visible spectrum radiation emitted by most bakery display case lighting accelerates the growth of food borne pathogens, especially in decorative cakes containing eggs and dairy products. If the lighting source emits heat, as most bakery display case lamps do, desserts made with eggs are even more likely to spoil. Promolux lamps drastically reduce this risk and promote better food safety.

Promolux True Color Definition Lamps

Compared to other fluorescent lighting, Promolux lamps emit 86% lower UV B radiation and 52% lower UV A radiation plus they provide a more balanced spectrum of color for more truer and natural color representation.

Promolux lamps help prolong bakery shelf life by up to 50% and reduce the amount of spoiled bakery items by 30% to 50%. This is why Promolux lamps are strongly recommended for fresh food displays. The sales potential and daily savings that can be achieved in these cases far outweigh any other type of bulb on the market.

Choice of Lamp Color Temperature

Promolux lamps are available in two spectrum ranges: Promolux Gold lamps emit a warm tone perfect for giving breads, muffins, pastries and donuts a just-baked golden appearance; while Promolux Platinum lamps emit a cooler tone which is ideal for accenting vibrant colors common to cakes and fruit tarts.