Donuts, Muffins, and Pastries in Grocery Store Bakery Cabinets2023-04-14T10:47:19+00:00

Donuts, Muffins, and Pastries in Grocery Store Bakery Cabinets

Donuts, muffins and pastries in grocery store cabinet displays quickly dehydrate and spoil when exposed to the damaging spectrum inherent in most types of lights found in bakery showcases and displays world wide.

Promolux lamps and LEDs are the preferred lighting choice for bakery operators and bakery departments. When it comes to successfully illuminating bakery cabinets, improving the shelf life of pastries, muffins and donuts and lowering daily discard rates, Promolux lamps and superior LEDs are the best food display case lighting you can use!

Dehydration of Donuts, Muffins & Pastries in Bakery Cabinets

When bakery display cases are installed with “regular” fluorescent or LED lighting bakery stores find themselves having to deal with the adverse effects of their bakery items spoiling much faster while on display. One of the most common problems is dehydration from the heat and UV radiation emitted by these lights. The loss of moisture is detrimental to the shelf life of many pastries, cakes and tarts. Without their natural moisture, they quickly become stale and lose their fresh appeal.

Fresh fruit on tarts and pies are also quite sensitive to the effects of light and heat radiation. Under ordinary lights they soon dry out and fade. By using Promolux bakery case lighting, bakeries and patisseries are discovering longer shelf life and more radiant, fresh looking products to wet the appetite of their customers!

Spoilage of Pastry Creams in Commercial Display Cases

Fact: Light and heat accelerate the rate of lipid oxidation, a chemical reaction between oxygen and unsaturated fatty acids that affects the smell, taste, and appearance of any food containing fats such as shortening, vegetable oil, or the milkfat in whipped cream and cream cheese.

The higher the fat content, the more vulnerable the pastry, donut or cream cheese roll is to the off-flavor effects of lipid oxidation. Nutritionally, lipid oxidation destroys riboflavin, pyridoxine, and vitamins A, D, B12, and C, while the free radicals that are released during oxidation are thought to cause cancer.

Oxidized bakery items taste rancid, stale, metallic or even cardboard-like. Pastries, donuts, cakes and muffins containing dairy products are also susceptible to another chemical reactions triggered by light. Whey proteins degenerate and produce a burnt flavor. These chemical reactions can occur after just four hours of exposure to fluorescent lighting.

Since Promolux lamps are engineered specifically for fresh food displays they provide a greater level of protection than regular bakery display case light bulbs. For bakery shops this means that their delicate bakery goods stay fresher for longer while waiting for the next customer to select it to take home to share with their friends and family!