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Retail Bakery Display Case Lighting

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Is your chocolate forming a white film?

Are the icings on your cakes fading?

Are the buttery creams and tasty fillings going hard and off-flavoring?

The lights in your retail bakery display case are most likely affecting your specialty bakery items.
Fact: Certain wavelengths from common fluorescent lamps and ordinary LED lighting are quite damaging to bakery foods and the ingredients they are comprised of, like butters, creams and frostings.

For many heat and light sensitive bakery goods, the light source causes physical changes in both the appearance and freshness of the item. In addition, it causes chemical changes which affect the foods natural flavors, integrity and food safety.

The Type Of Lighting You Use In Your Bakery Showcases Will Impact The Sales and Appearance Of Your Bakery Items

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Shoppers want to purchase freshly baked and delectable bakery creations – they never want hardened, faded and weak tasting items.

For bakery departments and bakery shops, the time and effort you put into each creation should be thoroughly enjoyed by your customers.

And you should be rewarded by the compliments and loyalty of shoppers who come back again and again to buy your tasty treats.

Don’t compromise the quality of desserts that contain eggs and dairy products. Don’t let your baked goods become stale. Stop colorful icings from fading and fruits from drying and wilting.

Use Promolux fluorescent lights and LEDs – the only balanced spectrum low radiation lighting that truly highlights and protects the delectable treats within a bakery showcase!

Promolux True Color Definition Fluorescent Lamps and LEDs

Thanks to its proprietary nature of being a balanced spectrum light, Promolux lamps are best able to showcase the items in bakery displays while revealing the true bounty of rich, natural and vibrant colors within each item. Furthermore, the low radiation characteristics of Promolux lamps helps protect the freshness, appearance and integrity of those fragile bakery food items.

For bakery shops, the advantage of using Promolux lamps is 86% lower UV B radiation and 52% lower UV A radiation in comparison to other common fluorescent lighting. Promolux is both safe and ideal to use in bakery showcases where delicate items like chocolates, cakes and pastries are in close proximity to light sources.

For the independent bakery owners, the daily and annual savings of extending the shelf life of bakery items by up to 50% and reducing overall shrinkage by 30% to 50% is huge. And that is what Promolux does, it helps boutique and specialty shops distinguish themselves and their offerings while helping them to remain competitive.

When illuminated under Promolux bakery items always look and taste their best!

Promolux Lamp Color Options

Promolux lamps are available in two spectrum/color formulas: Promolux Platinum Lights & Promolux Gold Lights

• Promolux Gold lamps emit a warm tone perfect for giving breads, muffins, and donuts a just-baked appearance,

• Promolux Platinum lamps emit a cooler tone which is ideal for accenting colorful cakes and treats that are rich and bold in colors.

When it comes to fresh bakery merchandising and protection there is simply no other lamp that can compare to Promolux.