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Commercial Candies and Chocolates in Candy Shop Showcases2023-04-14T10:54:45+00:00

Commercial Candies and Chocolates in Candy Shop Showcases

Display lighting in commercial candy and chocolate showcases can damage the candies and chocolates if the lamps or LED lighting emit high levels of UV radiation and yellow wavelengths.

With chocolates, when stored in a case that has too much heat and humidity, the result is the formation of a white film called “chocolate bloom.” For candies, the jellies and gummies often become hard while hard candy just simply tends to fade and become stale.

Color Distortion of Candies in Retail Merchandisers

Regular retail display case lighting distorts the true colors of candy displays. Fluorescent lamps and LEDs are skewed to emphasize yellow and green, and do not display white or red colors accurately. Candies illuminated with Promolux display lighting reveal their natural bright colors and yummy flavors for a mouth-watering experience everyone loves!

Color Fading of Candies in Candy Shop Showcases

UV and visible spectrum radiation from the sun and from supermarket merchandiser lighting triggers photochemical reactions that cause the bright colors of food dyes to fade. When combined with the effect most retail store fluorescent lights have of emphasizing yellow and green, candy display case lighting can actually create a less than ideal display.

Promolux balanced spectrum lamps and LEDs, on the other hand, reveal the true vivid colors of candy displays while emitting lower levels of the harmful radiation that causes colors to fade.

Chocolate Blooming of Commercial Chocolate Displays

The heat from chocolate display case lamps can raise the surface temperature of chocolate to above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes the white cocoa butter to separate from the dark cocoa and form a white film, a process called chocolate blooming.

Temperature changes can also cause moisture to form on the surface of the chocolate, which can leave a white coating of sugar crystals as this moisture evaporates.

Promolux lamps have engineered a higher level of filtration and protection through its phosphors and coatings which makes it perfect for using in chocolate counters and displays where heat and light control are crucial.