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Merchandising Ice Cream Cake Showcases

Did you know that ice cream cakes are vulnerable to the effects of UV and visible spectrum radiation from commercial fluorescent and LED display lighting? Even though they are kept in refrigerated displays, the direct light from the case lights can cause all sorts of problems, including the fading of frostings, formation of ice crystals and the spoilage of creams and milkfats.

When it comes to illuminating ice cream merchandisers and gelato and frozen yogurt coolers, Promolux low UV and balanced spectrum fluorescent lights and LED lighting solutions are the only way to go!

Promolux lamps prevent the fading, development of off flavors and ice crystals from occurring.

Ice Crystal Formation on Ice Cream Cakes in Commercial Freezers

UV radiation easily penetrates cold atmospheres and creates heat on the surface of frozen packages. Heat and radiation from regular fluorescent lighting causes the top surface of ice cream cakes to melt, separating the water in the ice cream from the other ingredients, especially when the ice cream cakes are stored in cardboard boxes with transparent tops. When this water refreezes, ice crystals form within the ice cream cake or on the inside surface of the box.

Off Flavors of Ice Cream Cakes

Light and heat accelerate the rate of lipid oxidation, a chemical reaction between oxygen and unsaturated fatty acids which affect the smell, taste and appearance of any food containing milkfats, like ice creams.

The higher the fat content, the more vulnerable the ice cream is to the off-flavor effects of lipid oxidation. Nutritionally, lipid oxidation destroys riboflavin, pyridoxine, and vitamins A, D, B12, and C.

Oxidized ice cream taste rancid, stale, metallic, or even card board like. And no one wants their ice cream or favorite gelato to taste weird!

Fading of Ice Cream and Gelatos

Most artificial lighting sources trigger photochemical reactions that cause the bright colors of food dyes to fade including ice cream and gelato which quickly discolors when exposed to strong light. If the ice cream cake is decorated, the wrong lighting can cause white decorations or icing to appear yellow, while red decorations will seem dull or even fade to pink. Regular fluorescent lights and LEDs tend to emphasize the yellow and green spectrum which does little to showcase the naturally vivid colors of icings and frozen yogurts.

In fact when it comes to presentation and boosting sales, the best thing any business can do is maximize the visual appeal and freshness of the items on display and that’s precisely where Promolux lamps and LEDs provide superior lighting.

Promolux Cake Installation

To the right hand side you can see a cake display that has had half of its lights replaced with Promolux. The difference in color and visual appeal is quite apparent. This retailer switched all of their perishable food cases to Promolux because they understand the value in eliciting sales and cutting waste and the role Promolux lamps has in enabling them to do just that!