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Produce Department Displays in Supermarket Showcases

In the produce industry, eye appeal is buy appeal, especially for organic selections where preservatives and sprays were not part of the harvesting process.

The most successful produce displays in terms of inventory turnover, are those that are merchandised for the greatest color impact, highlighting the variety and selection.

Fruits and vegetables in supermarket produce departments benefit from being displayed under lighting that reveals the true colors of the produce selection, without damaging the fruit or causing premature spoilage.

Promolux LEDs are ideal for supermarket produce departments where freshness and product integrity matter.

Fresh Produce Selection = Loyal Shoppers

Bringing Color to Produce Departments & Displays

Most fluorescent and LED lighting is skewed to enhance green and yellow coloration. Other colors such as red and white appear faded and discolored; they are not as bright as they should be.

For supermarket applications the in-store and display case lighting is often, inadvertently, installed at the sacrifice of color.

Strawberries and radishes tend to look dull, leafy lettuce wilts, bananas and oranges go soft and mushy and cauliflower turns yellow under common supermarket lighting.

Store lighting designers and department personnel who use Promolux balanced spectrum lamps in their produce displays enjoy true vibrant colors and extended shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Natural colors remain true with Promolux high color definition lamps.

In using a more balanced visible spectrum, including more of the red & blue wavelengths and more moderate levels of the most damaging visible spectrum wavelengths (yellow & green), Promolux lights simply outperform other fluorescent lamps and LED lighting solutions in terms of color rendering and shelf life extension.

Produce Display Case Lighting

Promolux is the perfect retail lighting choice for produce applications, thanks in part to its premium filtration properties.

Fact: Promolux emits lower levels of ultraviolet radiation and heat than other commercial lighting.

Promolux lighting entails your produce selection stays fresh and looks its best for greater shopper appeal and customer satisfaction.