Commercial Beverage Displays and Refrigerated Merchandiser Lighting2023-05-31T11:48:29+00:00

Commercial Beverage Displays and Refrigerated Merchandiser Lighting

Beer and wine connoisseurs know that light is very damaging to the taste of white wine and beer. The same is true of other commercial beverages including fruit juices and ciders that are displayed in refrigerated merchandisers.

After a few minutes of exposure to merchandiser case lighting, beer and wine and juices become “light struck” causing the alcoholic beverages to taste and smell either skunky, like cooked cabbage, garlic or onion.

Fruit juices turn sour and taste “off” and their nutritional value is compromised as the natural juices vitamins degrade under light. This is especially true for drinks that are contained in clear or opaque packing which offers little protection against the damaging effects of infiltrating light.

However, these effects are greatly minimized with Promolux lamps and LEDs, which emit lower levels of damaging visible spectrum radiation, providing a safer, healthier alternative for merchandising natural juice and alcoholic beverages.

If you are looking for a way to bring another depth of merchandising strength to your stores’ cases, then Promolux lamps and LED lighting solutions are the solution you’re looking for!