Protect Dairy Products from LED Lighting Oxidation using Promolux LEDs

lighting oxidization

LED lighting is a popular energy efficient lighting option for commercial refrigerated display cases, especially for ice cream and other dairy products due to its brighter, longer-lasting light than traditional lighting options, such as incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lights. While LEDs provide a number of desirable qualities, they can still potentially cause photo and lipid oxidation in dairy products. To address this issue and reduce the effects of LED lighting on food quality, a balanced spectrum LED lighting technology known as Safe Spectrum technology by Promolux has been designed.

Effects of LED Lighting on Dairy Products
Studies have found that the radiation emitted from LED lighting, which includes portions of the visible spectrum, can cause photo and lipid oxidation in dairy products. Lipid oxidation is an accelerated breakdown of fats due to the exposure of these compounds to higher levels of radiation, which can result in off-flavors and mustiness in food products. The “Photo-oxidative stability of ice cream as affected by light exposure and fat content” study by Özer, B. H. , Yücel, U. , and Köseoğlu, O. (2009) found that LED light exposure resulted in increased lipid oxidation and decreased sensory quality of the ice cream, and that higher fat content led to more rapid oxidation. Additionally, photo oxidation is caused by the increased energy of light and results in a decreased quality, odor, and appearance of food products. The effects of photo and lipid oxidation can be minimized through the use of LED lights with balanced spectra, such as those offered by Promolux, which specifically limit the amount of damaging radiation emitted.

Benefits of Promolux LEDs
Promolux LED lights are designed to reduce the effects of photo and lipid oxidation in fresh foods such as dairy products in refrigerated displays. These LED lights emit wavelengths which are less damaging to food products and also produce a more even and consistent lighting in commercial refrigerated displays for ice cream, yogurt, cheese, milk and other dairy products. In addition, the specialized spectra of the Promolux LED lights will reduce photo and lipid oxidation and extend the shelf life of the food product while also increasing visibility and reducing product shrinkage and losses due to reduced sales.

LED lighting is the most energy efficient option for commercial refrigerated displays, however, it is important to be aware that LED lighting may have some potential to cause photo and lipid oxidation in dairy products. To protect food products from oxidation, LED lights with balanced spectra, like those offered by Promolux, should be used in order to reduce the effects of LED lighting on food products.


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